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Affordable Mobile App Solutions
to market your business

Introducing Owsapp, the affordable mobile phone app solution.

Feature your business on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

A fully featured app solution that lets you control the content of your app, market directly to your app users and grow your business through incentivised discounts and loyalty schemes.

It’s modern marketing. Can you afford not to?

Owsapp Features

Our affordable app development solution is fully featured with excellent information and marketing tools enabling you to interact with and promote directly to your clients. Below is just a taster of some of our most popular tools.

Hover over any of the below features to find out more.

About Owsapp

Owsapp has been developed by Orwell Web Solutions to make apps more affordable and accessible to small businesses and individuals.

By developing features that can be used across multiple business types, we can keep our development costs down, passing on that saving to our customers.

The Owsapp solution makes it possible for us to offer cheap and effective app design for salons, spas, barbers, hotels, restaurants, personal trainers, pubs & music venues, gyms and many more.

How does it work ?

It’s actually really simple. We’ve made it that way!

Once we’ve built your mobile app, we give you access to our powerful app dashboard.

From the dashboard you get to control the content of your app. You can add new offers, respond to booking requests, add images to your gallery, send or schedule push messaging to your app users and a whole lot more. Your app is then updated with the new information next time any of your app users open it!

Once your app is built, it’s yours to use to promote and grow your business. Although the dashboard easy to use, if you’re not confident, we can manage this all for you.

What’s the process ?

  1. We discuss your requirements and complete a briefing document with you.
  2. Once you’ve supplied your logo / colour schemes and requested the features you want, we’ll start designing your app.
  3. We’ll provide you with a login to see the progress of your app design online. You’ll be able to approve changes, add comments and make requests.
  4. Once you’re happy with your app design the real work starts. For us,not you. We’ll start developing your very own mobile app!
  5. Once we’ve completed development & testing, we’ll publish your new mobile app to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  6. You promote your app to new and existing clients. Enjoy the benefits of marketing directly to your client base!

Pricing Packages

Option 1

£ 449
  • Fully  Featured
  • App design by Owsapp
  • Unlimited Push Messaging
  • Training
  • £449 Setup
  • £49 monthly

Option 2

£ 549
  • Fully  Featured
  • App design by Owsapp
  • Unlimited Push Messaging
  • Training
  • £549 Setup
  • £39 monthly


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